Tawheed: What it means to be human?

Allah will not leave you believers as you are now until He has separated the impure from the pure; nor will Allah inform all of you about the unseen realm, but Allah picks out anyone He pleases from His messengers. So, believe in Allah and His Messenger, and if you believe and are mindful of Allah, then you shall have a great reward (Quran 3:179)

It is He Who joined the two seas together. One is sweet and palatable, the other brackish and bitter. He has placed between the two of them a barrier: an absolute restraint (Quran 25:53)

The believers should not take kafirun/transhuman as friends/compromise/68:9 rather than the believers. Anyone who does that has nothing to do with Allah at all — unless it is because you are afraid of them. Allah advises you to beware of Him. Allah is the final destination. (Quran 3:28)


DEEN AL-FITRAH: There is no changing Allah´s creation. That is the true Deen (Quran 30:30) They will cut off cattle´s ears. I will command them and they will change Allah´s creation.´ Anyone who takes Shaytan ("change Allah´s creation") as his protector in place of Allah has clearly lost everything ... The shelter of such people will be Hell... (Quran 4:119-121)

Impian utama The Fourth
Industrial Revolution (4IR)?

The IoT/Transhumanist Revolution (Totalitarian)

Generasi Ilmu Saka 2.0/Transhuman

(Peringatkanlah manusia) akan hari Kami bertanya kepada neraka Jahannam: “Adakah engkau sudah penuh? ” Ia menjawab: “Adakah lagi sebarang tambahan?” (Quran 50:30)

Klaus Schwab says by 2030, "You'll own nothing,
and you'll be happy"

US Supreme Court Allows Patenting of Synthetic DNA (cDNA, mRNA) : The vaccinated people worldwide are products, patented goods, according to US law, no longer human. They are are owned and don’t have human rights; Microsoft Patent 666, Cryptocurrency system using body activity data.